Exhibiting at the Stanford Harvest 8: Marian Binder

Tuesday June 16 the exhibition ‘Stanford Local Art Harvest’ opened in the gallery of  Stanford Harvest. Stanford is home to a variety of artists. In the course of this exhibition we will introduce them all in this blog. Today: Marian Binder.

The exhibition lasts to 19 July.

Marian Binder“Having painted and created most of my life in various media, I became passionate about botanical watercolour as a pupil of Ann Harris almost a decade ago. This collection of traditional botanical watercolours is on Arches 300 hot-pressed paper, a wonderfully forgiving linen paper. More recently I’ve been exploring painting on canvas with acrylics and oils – in a somewhat less representational style than the botanical studies.” – Marian Binder


NOTE: This Winter season Stanford Harvest is open Friday and Saturdays 9am to 4pm. Sundays 9am to 11am for breakfasts and 12am for Sunday Roast Buffet.
If people want to see the gallery during other days and times they may contact Lynn on 081 021 2313 for an appointment.


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