Exhibiting at the Stanford Harvest 2: Herman van Bon

Tuesday June 16 the exhibition ‘Stanford Local Art Harvest‘ opened in the gallery of  Stanford Harvest. Stanford is home to a variety of artists. In the course of this exhibition we will introduce them all in this blog. 

The exhibition lasts to 19 July.

selfietintedfinalblue1bWEBThe photographs Herman van Bon exhibits in the gallery are all of local subjects including the old truck in front of the restaurant. Other photographs are in the collection of Saatchi in LA (USA). In 2014 his work was displayed at Times Square in NYC. Thanks to social media presence  his work finds its way to private collections in especially Europe but also in the USA and Australia. 

wall-flower-revisited VintageNguniIn his work Van Bon lets himself lead by his subjects. In his studio he reduces the images to ‘sketch lines’ and adds elements, tones and textures which results in his imaginaries

Website: http://elementaryposters.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/GreenCProductions

Twitter: @greencathedral

NOTE: This Winter season Stanford Harvest is open Friday and Saturdays 9am to 4pm. Sundays 9am to 11am for breakfasts and 12am for Sunday Roast Buffet.
If people want to see the gallery during other days and times they may contact Lynn on 081 021 2313 for an appointment.


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