Jazz at Stanford Harvest 2

Jazz at Stanford Harvest Saturday evening 7 March has everything in it to become a regular event. There is talent in Stanford and we are so proud of it that we want to share it with our guests. Don’t be surprised when we organise more events with local art and entertainment in the future. Andrew Herriot and Janet Marshall will astonish their audience with easy listening songs in a jazzy dressing. Especially for this evening they selected 17  songs (see playlist below) and have been rehearsing these, almost daily, for over a month in their spare time.


SHjazz7march6Andrew Herriot retired from overseas education in 2010 and took up his residence in Stanford to pursue his first love playing jazz. Andrew has always been involved with bands and amateur dramatics as a musical director. He and singer Janet Marshall met in 2012 as members of the Stanford Players. Andrew is also known as Stanford’s own ‘Jazz Man’.

SHjazz7march5Janet about her performance at Stanford Harvest: “We, as children, sang along with my folks at home, learning popular melodies of my parents day. Engelbert Humperdink, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Elvis, Tom Jones, Barbara Streisand, Trini Lopez, the list goes on! Then, I sang in the choir at school. Of course I sang alto. I even sang in a gospel band with my brother in my early teens! Then after my move to Stanford, jazz was definitely going to be a huge part of my life.  Doing The Breakfast Show with Jazz & Blues Man, Paul Boshoff taught me a thing or two. I will never forget when Andrew asked me to come listen to John Hardy rehearse for the first Jazz Evening at The Art Cafe; I was hooked on those numbers! Now I sing for my supper, with you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to sing all my favourite numbers.”

· Quando
· Fly Me to the Moon
· Ipanema
· Once in My Life
· All of Me
· My Baby
· Cabaret
· ‘S Wonderful
· Come Fly with Me
· Under My Skin
· What is this Thing Called Love
· A Foggy Day
· I Get a Kick our of You
· Only Have Eyes for You
· You Make Me Feel so Young
· I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
· As Time Goes By


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